UX Designer


Flow charts, customer journeys, prototyping and implementation for a number of new services for a contender bank, with a focus on mobile.


Marginalen was struggling to keep up to date with services as they were relying on a fairly old back end system. In order to deliver an up-to-par service, the amount of steps in a process had to be carefully concidered, as they were unable to, for instance, rely on ajax (dynamically loading content). Furthermore, the desktop version of their bank had not been updated according to the latest guidelines.

Some of the functionality that I worked on: The ability to add contacts in the mobile bank, the ability to activate and change settings to debit and credit cards, the ability to pay invoices throught credit cards, and applying for a loan.


Customer Journey Mapping




A big part of this project was prototyping different solutions and testing them with key stakeholders in the bank (unfortunately there was no budget for user testing). After that, extensive task flows where made for each functionality in order to ensure a bug free experience.
A second agency then did backend the developement and sent their work back to me and my team, followed by several rounds of testing.


Card view - invoices


Overview - Desktop