Renée Voltaire


UX/UI Designer


E-commerce site for a quirky brand known for their playful packaging, who wants to save the world one veggie dish at a time. Together with their in house design team I moved their physical brand to digital, preserving the quirkiness while creating a structure that leads to a good user experience.


Renee Voltaire is a messy (in a good way) brand, which reflects the creative nature of the founder of the same name. They have a huge product line, and every packaging design is unique for each product. The challenge from a design perspective was therefor to find a way to reflect that on the site and shop.




“Feel free to shop, on your way out!” was the design guideline for the site in terms of conversion. Meaning: Getting the end user to click the buy button is important, but it’s equally important to give the user an opportunity to learn about how to eat great healthy food, sustainably. We also made sure to include an “integrated shopping basket” at the end of each article where a RV product was mentioned, to shorten the gap between knowledge and conversion.


Shop landing page


Recipee page